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SunRizr™ eliminates the discomfort associated with sudden light changes while your eyes are dark adapted. Wake up feeling fresh and ready for action even during the darkest of winter mornings. Your room will gradually fill with a warm sunny glow, replicating the pattern of natural dawn so precisely that your eyes will perceive and react to it as if the sun had come up. You'll wake up spontaneously, with your eyes adapted to room light.

  • Preset 45 minute dawn - 15 minute dusk

  • gradually increases light intensity in a S curve
  • 75 Watts is recommended but will work with lamps up to 400 watts
  • UL Listed 
  • Works with lamps up to 400 watts
  • Accepts one two-prong polarized plug
  • Not for use with fluorescent or low-voltage halogen lamps. 
  • 6 month warranty


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