• Aurora LightPad Mini by Alaska Northern Lights Aurora LightPad Mini by Alaska Northern Lights Portable Size

    Aurora LightPad Mini

    This great Aurora Light Pad Mini by Alaska Northern Lights is an ultra sleek, ultra thin design that makes it portable and easy to use.   10,000 Lux at up to 25" Long Lasting LED...
  • Happylight Full-Size by Verilux Happylight Full-Size by Verilux positions

    Verilux Happylight Full-Size

    The Verilux Happylight Full-Size is a great light for treating SAD and Jet lag.  This light is made by a trusted manufacturer for years of great light therapy. Natural and Safe Full Spectrum...
  • Sun Joy by Nature Bright Sun Joy with Task Light Function

    Sun Joy

    The Sun Joy light box by Nature Bright brings natural light into your home, office, or bathroom. Using your light therapy lamp on a regular basis will not only keep your moods and energy levels...