Lights for SAD and Jet Lag

Lights for SAD and Jet Lag

These products help to counteract the seasonal issues and jet lag that affect so many of us. Match the specifics of a product with your lifestyle to find a product that you can easily fit into your daily routine during your low times, or for your travels. We have been selling many of these products for 15 years, so we know that they stand up to the test of time. If this is all new to you, try reading one of the many informative books that we offer to help you understand your body and your mood.

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  • SunRay II Plus by Sunbox in downward position Sun Ray II Plus

    Sun Ray II Plus


    The SunRay II Plus is a larger size lightbox. It is a bit more powerful compared to the Sun Ray I.  It also has two light settings.  As recommended by leading researchers, the light is delivered at a downward angle for maximum effectiveness...
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