How to Choose a Light Box

How to choose a light box

Light Therapy Products is an independent retailer. We are not a manufacturer and therefore are able to offer you a greater variety of different products.  We are here to help you choose what is best for you.

We have created  this page to help you......the consumer.

The statements on this page are guidelines.  We hope it helps you make the best choice given an unbiased assessment of the light units that we have available.

What light box should you choose?

* Choose a light  that fits into your life style.  If you don't use the unit because it is inconvenient, then it cannot help you.  Start by deciding when you will be using the light box.  Then choose a light box that fits in well with the activity you are engaged in at that time of day. 

* If you sit at a desk during the day and would find it easiest to use the unit during that time,  you can choose a Desk Lamp Light Box.  You can also use most of our table top light boxes on a desk, table or counter. 
* If you need to be farther away from the light box during your activity, for example while exercising, choose a light box that will give you 10,000 Lux at a greater distance than 14".  These units will typically be LED light boxes.   See the Lux specifications for each unit to compare intensity.  The LED units can put out a more LUX at a greater distance. 
* Is the look of the unit important to you? If so, a small unit like the Caribbean Sun or a unit that looks like a desk lamp may be a more fitting choice.
* Are your eyes sensitive to glare? Choose a light unit with a white or opaque diffuser. You will loose some distance but reduce glare.  Our customer feedback is that the Trav Elite and Flamingo are two great choices for those who are sensitive to bright lights, glare or experience light induced migraines.
* Do you need portability? There are several units that are light weight and compact including the Light Visor, the Litebook Elite, the Caribbean Sun and the Trav Elite.

Which light box is the best? Now you choose.

Is one better than another? Is 10,000 lux necessary for the best results?

* If you use the light unit at the distance that is recommended, for the suggested time,  you should see results in 7 to 10 days. Our clients have experienced results with all the light units even though research suggests that a downward delivery is more beneficial . The standard light intensity in the industry  is 10,000 lux at the specified distance. This intensity will  give you the least amount of recommended usage time.  There are a few products with  usage times of 15 - 30 minutes even though they are not 10,000 lux. Usage time depends upon your body and how it responds to the light.

Is full spectrum important?

* Therapeutic value comes from the brightness of the light. Full spectrum is a better quality of light and research supports the thought  that full spectrum light has health benefits. But here is the confusion......full spectrum is not necessary for bright light therapy for SAD, circadian rhythm disorders, sleep disorders, PMS, fibromyalgia,  etc.  Research has shown that you need at least 2,500 lux intensity of light to be therapeutic. Personally we like the added health benefits of full spectrum, but unit price can be a bit more for full spectrum. If you want full spectrum look for a Kelvin reading (listed as K on bulb bases) over 4,000.

* Most often in the bright light industry when a manufacturer says "full spectrum" what you get is.....  full spectrum light with the UV filtered out by the diffusers. However there are a few manufacturers that claim UV is beneficial. We prefer to offer mainly units that block UV because of the health risk associated with UV. 

* Is full spectrum better for bright light therapy? No.  Is it a closer color of light compared to the sun light? Yes. Has research shown that it is a healthier light? Yes. Full spectrum  is a truer color of light. A non-full spectrum unit will tend to be a more yellow light while a full spectrum light will be whiter or bluer. Some feel that full spectrum causes fewer headaches and less eye strain than non full spectrum light.

* Is full spectrum important? It is a personal choice.


* We have selected manufacturers that will stand behind their products if anything ever goes wrong with your light box device.

* In comparing prices, make sure that the unit includes the bulbs with the unit at no extra charge. All of our units include the bulbs.

* All of our light units have a 30 day trial period with no restocking fee. Please read our complete return policy.

* We value you as a potential client. If anything on our site is false or misleading please let us know. Honesty and integrity is what we strive for at Light Therapy Products. Please  Contact Us or Send Feedback with any comments.