60W Equivalent - A19 Chromalux Bulb Frosted

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Chromalux ™  Neodymium Full spectrum light bulbs use a rare earth element called neodymium which absorbs the yellow spectrum from the visible light.  Neodymium light bulbs enhance the blues and reds and cause colors to appear more vibrant.  Ordinary light bulbs produce a harsh unnatural light that can contribute to glare and eye strain, but neodymium bulbs simulate full spectrum light similar to true daylight.
Chromalux bathes space with a pleasing, colorful and relaxing feeling that maximizes people's sense of well-being...while improving readability conditions, and accommodating optimum visual comfort.

60 watt  replacement Chromalux Neodymium Full Spectrum bulb

53 watts of power with the same light output as a 60 watt bulb

-Excellent clarity and color.
-Improves readability conditions.
-Accommodating optimum visual comfort.
-Average 5000 hours
-120 volt

-710 Lumens

4 1/2" long

2 3/8" diameter

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