Compact Fluorescent 40Watt 5000K Spiral

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These Compact Fluorescent Full Spectrum Lamps (bulbs) are the highest quality available today.

Their Compact spiral design allows installation in almost all light fixtures.  And because they are Fluorescent, they are extremely energy efficient.  But the feature that makes them so different from most CFLs is that they are Full Spectrum or Daylight bulbs.  This means that the color of light is comparable to the color of the sun.

Most CFLs look dull and don't light up a room as well as a standard incandescent bulb.  These are much brighter, you can see the difference.

Energy used          Compares to          Light Output                    Average Life

40 Watts               150 Watts               2650 Lumens                    10,000 Hours

7.25" long               80 CRI

Compact Fluorescent 40Watt 5000K Spiral Full Spectrum Compact Fluorescent 40Watt  5000K Light Bulb.

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