dpl® Oral Care Light Therapy System + Teeth Whitening

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dpl® Oral Care Light Therapy System + Teeth Whitening

dpl® Gum device for oral gum care. This device fits nicely in the mouth in a shape of a mouth guard. LED lights shine on the gums to improve gum health and redness by increasing the circulation and stimulating the gum tissue.  This device helps treat and combat Gingivitis, Gingival Bleeding and Inflammation, Denture-Related Stomatitis, Halitosis and Erosion, and Cold Sores.

Additionally, the device has been designed to help with stains on your teeth due to coffee, tea and other food items that cause staining.


Gum Health & Teeth Whitening:

All In One Unique Device

Interchangeable Mouth Tray

30 Powerful Medical-Grade Lights

FSA Approved FDA Registered


Features & Benefits:

  • Helps to Treat Gingivitis and Gingival Bleeding and Inflammation 
  • Helps to Treat Denture-Related Stomatitis, Halitosis and Erosion
  • Helps to Treat Cold Sores
  • Removes Stains In Teeth
  • Use With Any Whitening Gel
  • Improves Circulation In Gums
  • Enhances Gum Color
  • No Negative Side Effects
  • Improves Receding Gums


Power Supply 110V-240V

Rechargeable Batteries

USB Power Cord

User Guide

6 Month Warranty

Storage Case

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