Northern Lights

LED Flamingo II and Travelite II Bulb - Set of 2

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4.00 LBS
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These replacement tubes are to be used with the TRAVelite II & FLAMINGO II versions only. Tubes are non-refundable and sold in sets of two. Each tube is 18 Watts and rated for 30,000 hours.  


Will ONLY work in LED units.  All previous versions of the TRAVelite and FLAMINGO should use fluorescent bulbs. This means that the LED bulbs and fluorescents are not interchangeable. 



There are many good reasons we’ve switched to LED bulbs:

  •  They are more robust.
  •  They contain no mercury.
  •  They have a plastic casing instead of glass.
  •  There's less chance of breakage.
  •  LEDs have a longer life span than fluorescents.
  •  The spectrum is more similar to that of the sun.
  •  You get more effective light therapy.
  •  36 Watts
  •  Higher Lumens per watt
  •  4,000 degrees Kelvin






If you are unsure as to the bulb your light box uses, please email and include the serial number of your light box and we can send you the correct bulb.  

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