SRS 320

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This unit was an open box return.  It has been tested and found to be working and carries the standard 1 year warranty. 


The SRS 320 has a panel of bright LED bulbs. The light emitted when the product is at full brightness is 10,000, the standard unit of Lux used to treat SAD. A digital timer allows the user to set the Sunrise System Light Box to emit light at a selected brightness for 10 to 90 minutes. No UV rays are emitted by the SRS 320.

Measures 5" x 10" x 4"

The Sunrise System Light Box 320 combines all the features of the Sunrise System Dawn Simulator with a portable LED light box. No UV rays are emitted by the SRS 320.
-No UV
-5500 degrees Kelvin color temperature
-White LEDs with spectrum rich in 470nm light
-Battery back up
-Back up alarm
-10 - 90 minute sunrise
-10 - 90 minute sunset
-Stays lit for 60 minutes after fully illuminated

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