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  • Currently only Have Black Units
  • Currently Only Have Black Units
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The Human Charger Bright Light Headset by Valkee 


In the autumn and winter we get exposed to less daylight. As a result it’s common for people to feel more tired, to require more sleep and to have increased cravings for carbohydrates. Some also experience lower spirits, anxiety or sense of hopelessness. These all are symptoms of common Winter Blues.

When traveling across time zones, the body suffers from jet lag as the body struggles to update its Circadian Rhythm or Body Clock to the new time zone.  Using the Valkee to send light directly to the  central brain areas through the ear canal, speeds up the process of acclimation.  The makers of Valkee2 are excited to release a phone app that will guide you with session length and timing....coming soon!


The Human Charger Bright Light Headset supplements sunlight and its natural, positive effects. It channels light through the ear canal to photosensitive regions of the brain, which has an uplifting effect on your mood, energy level and cognitive performance.


  •                  Ergonomically designed LED earbuds
  •          Thin aluminum body
  •          Ingeniously simple user interface 
  •          Only 12 minutes a day needed
  •          Fits in your pocket – use it anywhere you like
  •          Rechargeable – two weeks battery time
  •          Doctors recommend bright light for treating Winter Blues
  •          Human Charger is a clinically tested device for treating Winter Blues and Jet Lag
  •        Can be used discreetly in an airplane or airport setting without bothering other travelers.
  •        The Human Charger has a convenient  app for optimal usage
  •        1 year Warranty *** Returns are accepted for non working units only

       Designed and manufactured in Oulu, Finland.

       Sales package includes:

       -Human Charger device and LED ear buds, a clear user guide, USB charging cable, and four sizes of ear bud cushions. 

        The Human Charger Bright Light Headset Demonstrates Alleviation of Jet Lag Symptoms 

Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Field Study on Jet Lag Treatment Followed by Development of New Smartphone App to Help Travelers Adjust Faster 

Helsinki, Finland - December 18, 2014 -- The bright light headset maker Valkee today announced the completion of a successful clinical field study on alleviating typical jet lag symptoms experienced by travelers after long haul flights. The placebo-controlled double-blind study was the first successful clinical field study of its kind with any medical device. The results suggest that the light treatment group recovered from the typical experienced jet lag symptoms faster than the control group did. 

Full results of the recent study are scheduled for publication in early 2015 in Aerospace Medicine and 

Human Performance. The peer-reviewed monthly journal published by the Aerospace Medical Association 

(AsMA) is the most used and cited journal in its field and distributed to more than 80 nations. Prior to January 2015 issue the journal has been called Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine. 

Following the study, Valkee has developed a smart phone app to be offered as a companion for the Valkee device to help travelers best alleviate jet lag symptoms. The app helps optimize bright light treatment, nutrition, exercise and sleep before, during and after long haul flights. An easy-to-use instructions timeline and push notifications are based on user defined flight times and routes. 

The free Valkee jet lag app is immediately available worldwide outside of the European Union countries, and downloadable now in App Store for iPhone users and in Google Play for Android users. Valkee plans to introduce the app shortly also in the EU countries.         

“As a professional athlete, I need to keep my energy levels high in order to perform at my best. This becomes challenging whenever my body is faced with extreme time changes or lack of natural light. I have been using VALKEE’s Bright Light Headset for a few months now and have seen very good results.”

Jarkko Nieminen, professional tennis player 

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2 Reviews

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    More Than Jet Lag Device

    Posted by Frank on 15th Jan 2016

    I have had a Valkee light device before my recent purchase of the latest newer design. I used it for about 3 1/2 years and the battery came to the end of it's useful life. Quite a long time for a rechatgable battery to last. I used the device from October to March each year to great I ordered another unit immediately as it works and is more convenient than a light box. I am very pleased with the results I have received and this new version is made of aluminum and quite durable. The ear plugs fir better too! I love my Valkee and recommend it highly for other "conditions" besides jet lag. As it is not approved per se for what I use it for all I can say is it works the same or in my experience better than what "light boxes" are used for.

  • 5
    Helps with energy

    Posted by Joseph Krantzler on 4th Nov 2015

    Great customer service! Sara goes out of the way to answer questions/concerns. Highly recommend this company! I noticed an immediate improvement in my energy level, unfortunately, I suffer severe migraines and am very sensitive to all products/supplements, and light therapy boxes (due to LASIK surgery). Give this a try!

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